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باندینگ یونیورسال آکسفورد نسل 8 Oxford Universal Bond


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باندینگ یونیورسال آکسفورد نسل 8

ویژگی ها ⚡⚡
🔹️Works perfectly under all oral conditions
(dry, humid)
🔹️One product for different kinds of
🔹️One product for different bonding
🔹️Only one thin layer must be applied
🔹️High & reproducible bond strength to
enamel and dentine even under extreme
🔹️Excellent performance as well with self or dual cure composites when light curing is
🔹️Contains MDP
فواید ⚡⚡
🔹️One bonding for all applications reduces
mess in dental office and reduces danger of
wrong application
🔹️Time saving and secure application, no
technique sensitivity
🔹️Long lasting restorations
🔹️Convenient one bottle system
🔹️Can be used for bonding of indirecte
restorative materials with metal surfaces like
zirconia oxide, aluminium oxide,etc.

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